Located 5 minutes away from Maafushi Maavilaath is commonly the first choice from the range of snorkeling points we offer. This is totally a beginners point, colorful corals and mainly you will see sting rays.

If you are lucky, you'll see some turtles too. Make sure to snap a picture.


Information & FAQ


Includes two way tranfer, Entrance fee, Lunch and Unlimited drinks.

For a child below 3 years entrance fee and transfer is free. For 3 years to 11 years old $60 is chargable.

Arrival and departure is subject to change, Please confirm with the agent. Normal departure from Maafushi to Vaadoo is around 08:00hrs in the morning and Arrival to Maafushi is around 19:20hrs. Transfer time is estimated to be 20 minutes.

Booking shall be made one day ahead as these bookings needs to be confirmed by the resort.